Elden Ring Player uses the mod to enter the closed Colosseum and discover the ruins of Grace and two enemies

Players suspect that an enclosed Colosseum in the Elden Ring could be the location of a potential PvP-based DLC or expansion.Popular in software modifiers Lance McDonald is able to look inside with a mod. He confirmed that the outer walls of the Colosseum were not just sets, but the actual walls of the arena.

According to reports Video Game Chronicles, another From Software modder Sekiro Dubi uses the mod to enter the Colosseum and explore further. surprisingly, Sekiro Dolby Not only has an explorable Colosseum been discovered, but two additional Elden Ring enemies and even a new Site of Grace, an Elden Ring version of the Dark Souls bonfire.

as mentioned VGCThe Ruins of Grace seem to indicate that this area is reachable at some point or another in the game, unless of course the Ruins of Grace will become Arrived someday in a patch or DLC that allows players to enter the Colosseum. Sekiro Dubi points out in their video above that the site of Grace is called “?PlaceName?” (an obvious placeholder name) in the location menu, but they point out that leaked web test files point to it being called the Leyndell Colosseum.

As far as new enemies go, there’s a big gladiator and an arena old lion that can’t be found anywhere else in Elden Ring. Sekiro Dubi points out that in-game lore suggests that the Colosseum was where warriors fought beasts.

Currently, this Colosseum is still inaccessible to the standard player base as it is only accessible via mods. However, many speculate that it will one day become a PvP arena. Only time will tell.

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[Source: Video Games Chronicle]

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