Elden Ring players are already tricking the boss to fall off the cliff

Elden Ring’s closed network tests come and go over the weekend, briefly introducing FromSoftware’s first open-world soul-style game to players, as well as some of the bosses that live in it. Players soon became familiar with the vertical world of Lands between, but it seems that some of the bosses of Elden Ring have not yet fully established themselves.

Especially the flying dragon Aguirre, it seems to be struggling with the universal gravitation. In the 15-minute footage of FromSoft’s debut before the network test, we saw Agheel swooping down to fight players in an open world encounter. Agheel looks terrifying on horseback and can contend with it, but it turns out that this dragon is not so confident in climbing.

watch_out_guys_its_slippery_out_there From r/Eldenlin