Elden Ring players are reverse farming AFK PvPers

Generally, if you want to plant runes in Elden Ring to level up (opens in new tab), you eliminate a dozen enemies over and over again until you’re satisfied. This turned out to be too much for some players who didn’t want to press any buttons to get their runes. These players crouch in unreachable places in the world and lure intruders into simple runes when they’re alternate tags or fully AFK.

This is a bad rune farm compared to one that doesn’t waste other people’s time (opens in new tab). AFK Rune Peasants use Torrents to jump to places you can’t reach on foot (usually in Limgrave), then use Taunter’s Tongue to bring in enemy players. No one has access to horses in multiplayer, so enemy invaders cannot reach AFK rune peasants by normal means. These players bet on the confusion or frustration of PvP invaders for rewards.