Elden Ring Stonesword Keys Guide

Elden Ring Stonesword Keys are one of the rarest items in The Lands Between, even rarer than Golden Seeds. This is most likely because they give you the chance to earn some great rewards. Like Pharros’ lockstone in Dark Souls 2, these keys can be inserted into the Imp Statue to remove fog doors, giving you access to crafting items, spellbooks, amulets, and even dungeons. Their value is also the reason stone sword keys are among the best Elden Ring souvenirs.

In this list of Elden Ring Stonesword Key locations, I’ll go over the locations we’ve found so far, and the Imp Statues we’ve found. Some of these have some nice stuff, so you should know where to spend your scarce keys.We haven’t had too many because of them Yes Rare, but we’ll add more as we find them.

Stone Sword Key

Elden Ring Stonesword Key Locations