Elden Ring Tekken 7 mod is so good, director asks players to ‘please stop’

Katsuhiro Harada asks people to ‘stop it’ after Elden Ring-themed Tekken 7 mod is released also OK.The director of the Tekken series took to Twitter to share his thoughts on the Tekken 7 mod, which looks fantastic in the trailer Can It has officially crossed the border. This mod is so impressive, so much so, that Harada seems a little hesitant about people taking it too seriously.

According to reports VGC, Harada quoted retweeting a trailer for the Tekken 7 mod made by Ultraboy, showing off the character models included in the pack. The trailer, without any lies, looks very official. If you showed me this without any context, I would assume it was leaked from an upcoming collaboration, as both Tekken and Elden Ring are under the Bandai Namco banner. But no, it’s just a loyal fan who has done an incredible job recreating these characters in a fighting game.