Elden Ring update enthusiast Radahn makes him swell again

Eldon Ring Received a small update that restores General Radarn to an overwhelmingly overwhelming state.

Released today (April 4th), a new patch for the game has been released that enhances the nerf to Radahn in last month’s game patch. This patch, version 1.03.02, provides only one update, which is apparently just a bug. “Fixed a bug in the 1.03 update Boss ‘Starbane Radarn’ balance adjustment that caused some attacks to be inadvertently reduced in power,” reads a single change Patch Notes.

Some players were upset by the change because they wanted others to feel the pain of defeating Radahn, while others boasted that they had managed to remove the dreaded boss before the patch. But it seems that taking away Radahn’s power was just an accident, as it was referred to as a “bug” in the patch notes.

Last month’s patch did bring some major changes, though. On the one hand, NPC markers have been introduced, which means players don’t have to worry about remembering where every merchant and quest giver lives. It made The Lands Between a little overwhelming, and still is – so it’s a good thing we’ve got some Elden Ring guides to get you on your feet.

The update also adds a ton of new quest stages for characters like Nepheli Loux (whose story you can actually complete now), Diallos, Kenneth Haight, and Gatekeeper Gostoc.

Sadly, however, boss battle favorite Spirit Ashes’ summoning of Mimic Tear has indeed suffered quite a nerf, which is obviously unsettling for many players.

For now, though, updates to the Elden Ring front are quiet. Interestingly though, fantasy writer Brandon Sanderson has apparently been approached by publisher Bandai Namco to discuss a future collaboration.

Now that Radahn is back to his old self, you may need some help to defeat him.