Elden Ring was my first Soulsman game and I’m obsessed with it

There is something to be said about witnessing the historic moment firsthand.

Hidetaka Miyazaki from Software pioneered the Soulsborne genre, a clever subversion of traditional action RPG mechanics, full of fantastic settings, twisting horror and mortals. After the huge success of 2009’s Demon’s Souls, From Software’s rise is almost guaranteed… at least that’s what I’ve been told. You see, I don’t doubt the excellent coverage of the studio catalog; I just never experienced it myself. So far, that’s it.

Elden Ring emphasizes and rewards player agency, which is tempting for any newbie who likes this.Simply put, no Incorrect the way to play. While I’ve suffered countless losses, I’m also relieved by the freedom The Lands Between immediately promises.

In Elden Ring, you can design your own emergent narrative—every life after death is different. In one encounter with the giant, I hid behind my shield and gilded armor, too heavy to dodge the pounding of this hulking thing quickly. In another instance, I killed the beast handily with nothing but a pair of chainmail pants and a bow – risky, but still exhilarating. When I got tired of giving in to Margit, the omens of the fall, I sailed along the winding route of the borders of his ruined castle. What awaits me beyond the verdant pastures of Limgrave? Go find out! The class building and overall gameplay are so malleable that my inexperience with loops feels irrelevant.

For a Soul Source novice like me, progress is about combining innate curiosity with extreme vigilance. Treasure chests hidden under ruins may offer craftable items. Or, they’ll teleport unsuspecting adventurers to a hellish endgame. However, Elden Ring’s various quality-of-life features help address beginner frustration. Fast-travel spots like “Land of Grace” and “Marika’s Stake” negate extensive runs. Torrent, your trusty mare for accelerated navigation. Spirit and multiplayer summons make intense boss battles less lonely and easier to win. A wide variety of impressive collectible/purchasable weapon arts and item buffs to enhance your avatar’s combat prowess. With these tools, I was able to try out unique gear or seek rare prizes in the face of adversity. From Software titles are notoriously punishing, but Elden Ring is occasionally merciful to its newcomers.

Look, this is my first Soul Source game, and I’m obsessed with it. From the ever-glowing Erdtree to the goblin-strewn coastline, the world is very active rather than passive. Equipped with defense-breaking polearms, mounted knights lurk beneath the treeline. Robe-clad assassins patrol the winding waterways. And deep in the ground, the unimaginable grafted monster is dormant. Dive in to find more magnificent landscapes or fight for runes, as unrestricted exploration allows players of all skill levels to find success.

The Elden Ring is a call to the uninitiated at the source of the soul. I can’t tell you whether From’s latest blockbuster is more accessible than its predecessor. I can’t even talk confidently about the evolution of the combat system or narrative design. Even so, let me clarify one thing: you should play Elden Ring whether you’re familiar with its genre or not. Would you spend hours parsing the game’s passivation stat enhancement system? Yes. Do you frequently alternate between being overly aggressive and worrying? nature. Will you be destroyed at every turning point? no doubt.

However, newcomers, don’t shy away from this historic moment. become bleak.