Elden Ring’s Potboy is FromSoftware’s cutest enemy

From Software Elden Ring After two years of deafening silence about a new adventure from Hidetaka Miyazaki and George RR Martin, I finally got out of hiding on Thursday. It was a giant lightning-biting dragon, a double-jumping horse, a finger-made spider, an obsessed brand-new tall lady, and, of course, a pot that looked spectacular in a next-generation Dark Souls-like way.

Oh those pot..

Elden RingThe first gameplay trailers of were hardly suggestive of the existence of anthropomorphic pots, but have created a quiet sensation since they were revealed. Like everyone — we have dozens! — I love small bowls with arms and legs and slightly larger bowls with arms and legs.If you blacked out during yesterday Elden Ring Obviously, let’s see what this is working for:

GIF was intentionally slowed down to show details
Image: FromSoftware / NAMCO BANDAI

Not so many, but it was nice to see a little sensational pot just cruising on an action-packed, uplifting trailer. Pot Rudd, or the vase boy some people call it (we asked Bandai Namco for its official name), quickly gave off a frustrating mushroom people and mimic-like atmosphere. I will. Dark soul, They are simple objects, loving and refreshingly redesigned.Walking container Elden Ring Equally unfriendly, the player will die unexpectedly. After all, it’s just a pot, right?what should I do It Would you like to kill you with one hit?

Naturally, fan art Elden RingThe pot is already thriving.

And finally, a triple shot of an hourly, ring-hungry potboy by artist Mighty Ibaba.