Eldon ring is too big

I am a paid member of the FromSoft fan club. I’ve been playing these games since Demon’s Souls, my favorite game is Bloodborne, and I’ve written a lot about the studio’s intricate, intertwined mechanics and narrative design. So my expectation for Elden Ring – especially after the review hit, phwoar – is that this is likely to be the bright spot in my tarnished life.

Elden Ring is indeed a great game. Now I’ve spent many nights wandering the land, rejoicing in discovering vast new areas, glittering caves in the folds of the landscape, climbing a hill and there’s a splendid view of “WTF is that thing” . I’ve whipped the bearers of multiple great runes, a whole set of mini-bosses, felt like a dozen corrupted Dryads, and then something happened that never happened in a Soul Source game. I am bored.