Eldon Ring | Today’s New Game

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a big one.join in Game informant Resident soul expert Dan Tack, along with Marcus Stewart and Alex Stadnik, showed off some new gameplay of Elden Ring, a highly anticipated open world from the planners behind Demon’s Souls, Dark Souls, Bloodborne and Sekiro.

In this long episode of “Today’s New Game”, the staff devoted every detail of the world, which not only gives you a new perspective on the game, but also allows you to experience it for yourself. But what can players expect when they start the upcoming network test or the entire game in February next year?

When launching Elden Ring, fans will find a lot of new and familiar feelings. According to Tack, compared to games like Sekiro, this game feels more in line with Souls games, but they are not one-on-one matches. Adding jumps, new combat moves and horse fights makes Elden Ring feel like its own entity, and learns from previous games to create a fascinating experience for fans of this type.


You will fight and also very new. In the open world, players will find caves and catacombs full of dangerous enemies and traps to conquer. They will also find enemies-monsters that can be regarded as small bosses, but will not provide challenges like some larger opponents. Whether in the open world or on the path of the golden story, big enemies, such as some dragons we saw in the trailer, will provide severe challenges and victories, while also dropping valuable rewards to help you complete the mission game .

From maps to upgrades and new combat moves, to be honest, the staff discussed too much, and we can’t cover everything here. For this, be sure to head to Tack’s article for more information about Elden Ring.If you like this video, be sure to pay attention to this week’s episode GI show And our YouTube channel And more information about FromSoftware’s exciting new title.