End the battle in a stylish way with these halo-themed diamond necklaces

There has been a night like this, do you think your clothes are lacking? Do you want, no, need a piece of jewelry to show that you are a ballerina but also a fan of Halo?Fortunately, the current position of streetwear jeweller King Ice Halo collection Have everything you need to complete this very specific look.

The King Ice X Halo collaboration includes four different necklaces and a standing one Sergeant With his trusted assault rifle (covered by nearly 1,500 stones), the price is $120, Master Chief’s Helmet 100 USD, one Energy sword (Sold out) and Needle Punching Machine It is a cheaper option for $80. They are available in 14K gold or platinum finishes.

Each item comes with a 20 inch 5 mm Miami Cuban chain.I am a fan of platinum plasma sword necklace; I might pair it with these Phnom Penh Pilot Wearing a gorgeous burgundy suit. Sorry, I’m basically telling you what I would wear if I were invited to the game grand prize.

(Image source: Ice King)

If you are not a fan of Halo, don’t worry, another one of King Ice Player Jewelry is as magical as you think Game console with Xbox Iconography and The patron saint of the game and his followers. You will most likely find something that suits the gamers in your life.