Engineers built a real walking Apex Legends loot robot

In a world where most games provide loot in some kind of hexagonal box, Apex Legends stands out with its quirky “trophies ticking” robot. The little pyramids of spider legs are nervous guys, they wriggle on the screen before exploding into loot, for good reason. Who likes to let his face collapse so that some bastards can get new stat trackers or pistol skins? YouTube anchor Graham Watson (aka 3D printing space) Constructed a real ticking sound of loot and captured its creepy action in his latest construction video, which you can watch above.

The above video is mainly about Watson’s eight-month process of designing, building and programming the trophy tick. Judging from his position on the kitchen counter, it is about 2.5 feet tall. Watson is a software engineer with a degree in mechanical engineering, but he says this is his first suitable robotics project.

(Image source: The3DPrintSpace)

The robot itself has everything you want. There are independent movable spider legs, allowing it to walk, kick or squat slowly. Then of course there is a pyramid-shaped head with three LED lights on each side to mimic the opening animation of the loot box. The ticking sound of loot can even tremble in “fear” like the in-game version before you open it.