Enjoy in this simple math puzzle game

Who is suitable for playing relaxing, simple and relaxing puzzle games? This is me. I have always been.

Trios is a game where you can match a set of numbers with operators to get a specific result from a limited set of choices. This may sound educational, but I assure you that I am not good at arithmetic and I really like Trios. It is the soundtrack and color palette that make it: relaxing music, beautiful beats and beautiful complementary colors.

The challenge for Trios is to use every number and operator available to you to get a specific output. You may have a large number of numbers and a bunch of multiplication symbols, but the number goal is relatively low. To win, you must make some clever combinations, perhaps some subtraction, or clever division by 1 to make everything work.

Trios has well-planned campaign modes with artificial puzzles and infinite modes that can be used for the ultimate area and digital experience. The campaign has neat asteroids, full of numbers and illuminated symbols, and even makes you feel like you have done something in your life. Isn’t that great?

You can find trio It is priced at $8 on Steam.