Enjoy the new screenshots of these beautiful plague stories: Requiem

“Plague Tale: Requiem” was announced at the Microsoft Xbox show only six months ago, and received a good response. With the painting style and rich artistic style of “Plague Tale: Innocence” as its characteristics, if the announcement of Requiem is clear, it is that the publisher Focus Entertainment and the developer Asobo Studio are planning to increase the stakes. A batch of screenshots of the game today is proof.

posted on Twitter Earlier today, these four screenshots showed some of what we can expect in Requiem. Based on our current understanding of the game, these screenshots show the new city of Amicia and Hugo in southern France, which is the main scene of the sequel.

“Across the sea, there is an island calling”, Official description Requiem reading material. “Embark on a heartbreaking journey into a cruel and breathtaking world warped by supernatural forces. After escaping from their devastated homeland, Amisia and Hugo headed to the far south for a new region And a vibrant city. There, they try to start a new life and control Hugo’s curse. But when Hugo’s power awakens, death and destruction will come back in the process of devouring rats in large numbers. The brothers and sisters are forced again. To escape, they pin their hopes on a prophesied island, where it may be the key to save Hugo. Discover the cost of saving your loved ones in the desperate struggle for survival. Fight or release hell from the shadows, use various weapons , Tools and extraordinary power to overcome enemies and challenges.”

During the Hundred Years’ War, innocence happened in France-if Amisia and Hugo go south, there is reason to believe that they went to Italy, Spain or Portugal. If they want to enter Africa, Morocco is also possible. We will have to wait until 2022 to see our final place in Requiem. However, one thing is certain, no matter where we go-it will look beautiful.

While waiting for more information, check out the trailer for Requiem recently shown during the 2021 Game Awards.

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