Enter the pit demo now available

If you are curious about playing Into The Pit, this Doom-like spellcasting roguelike is in Xbox’s Gamescom press conference; A sort of A new limited-time demo is available on the Humble store.

Into The Pit allows you to direct a mystic to search for mystical powers. When Lulydia, the cousin of the player character, discovered this veritable pit in a village, she found that it was full of demonic power, causing them to stop sending letters. Players need to understand what happened.

Judging from the trailer for Into The Pit, the developer Nullpointer Games is drawing a lot of inspiration from the Doom series—especially the aggressiveness and fast pace of Doom (2016) and its sequel, Doom Eternal Gameplay. However, the player is not a gun, but casts spells and various powers everywhere.

Into The Pit will be released on Xbox consoles and PC on October 19. A new demo of the game is now available for PC players via Steam. It is only available for a limited time, although the press release of the demo and its Humble Store listing did not specify when the demo will be taken off the shelves. We have already contacted for clarification, and if we receive a response, we will update the story.

View the Into The Pit demo here.