Enter to win a copy of Joking Hazard’s exclusive “Red Box” Collector’s Edition

To celebrate the reveal cyanide and happiness new card game, dating guruwe have two exclusive “Red Box” Collector’s Edition copies of their social card game that have sold over a million, the dangers of joking, ready to give up. You can’t even buy these anywhere, the only place to get them is directly from the C&H team, we’ve got them!

from the publisher
One of the first hilarious social card games to hit Kickstarter, the dangers of joking Have you ever made funny and scary comics about friendship, violence, romance, and everything in between.

If you’re looking for something funnier to learn about more of your friends’ bad taste, check out their new social card game Master Dater game discoveryThis crowdfunding campaign, launched today, is the only way to get Gamefound exclusives, such as the game’s limited box print or the expanded Big Love Edition.


Now, for a chance to win one of the two available copies of Joking Hazard, all you need to do is enter below by Friday, April 15, 2022. Due to adult content (curse words, violence). good luck!