Enter your chance to win Game Informer Gold Forspoken Questions!

High gloss paper. Gold foil cover. Unique numbered question. The print runs are ridiculously low. This is Game Informer Gold, an extremely rare collectible that any of you can win through this sweepstakes. You’ll need to experience Game Informer Gold for yourself to really see how much of an upgrade it is over our standard edition. From the added thickness to the golden sheen on the cover, it’s as high-end as a magazine.

This month, a copy of Game Informer Gold up for grabs is issue 344, our Forspoken issue. Even better, it’s a stunning alternate art cover featuring the game’s protagonist, Frey, emerging from an indigo haze on a black background with a lingering spell on her fingertips, ready to take on the unfortunate creature from the mysterious world of Athia. cast. As always, this edition of Game Informer Gold is an extremely limited print edition. The winner of this sweepstakes will receive one of these questions. Only one person will win.

For more information on Game Informer Gold, watch our first Game Informer Gold episode 340 short video:

Enter below until 4/20/22 for a chance at this unique and exclusive collectible. No purchase required. Full rules are provided for each of the following input methods. Many will participate, but only one will win! Daily admission options are available, so be sure to come back often. Good luck!