Epic finally admits that Fortnite’s Imposters mode is inspired by us

Fortress night The game’s official Twitter account admits that the Impostors model was indeed inspired by the popular indie game “Among Us”.

The initial tweet caught people’s attention, and Fortnite’s mode now includes a new character bias feature that allows you to decide whether you’re an imposter or an agent when playing public and private games. The recent update v18.20 also added an Impostors playlist with open voice chat.

In today’s tweet, Epic stated that the model was “inspired by the popular games among us” and further tweeted that it hopes to do something “fun” with InnerSloth at some point.

The Impostors of Fortnite have a team of players who must work together to either eliminate everyone or find out who is lying. For everyone who has played it, this mode is very similar to “Among Us”.

When it was released, Epic Games did not come out to say that the inspiration for the mode came from the InnerSloth title, but enough people have noticed the similarities-even the developers among us have noticed.

Back in August, Victoria Tran, InnerSloth’s community director, stated that the independent studio did not cooperate with Epic to develop the model, although it was willing.

But it seems that things have finally been clarified, and maybe the cooperation between the two studios will come sooner or later.