Epic Games acquires rock band studio Harmonix

Epic Games announced that it has acquired Rock Band and Fuser studio Harmonix.

According to Harmonix, it will work with Epic to “create a musical journey and gameplay for Fortnite.” Although Harmonix is ​​not ready to share details, it said that “the whole team is very excited to start” and continues to pay attention.

“Harmonix has always been eager to create the most popular interactive music experience in the world, and by joining Epic, we will be able to do this on a large scale,” said Alex Rigopulos, co-founder and chairman of Harmonix.

“Together we will push the boundaries of possible creativity and create new ways for our players to produce, perform and share music.”

Alain Tascan, Vice President of Game Development at Epic Games, said: “Music has brought together millions of people in Fortnite, from our expressions to concerts and events around the world.

“Together with the Harmonix team, we will change the way players experience music, from passive listeners to active participants.”

At the same time, the Harmonix team will continue its existing Rock Band DLC plan, and obviously there are many tracks that will enter next year from the end of this year.

Rivals Seasons is still part of the plan, the 25th season is currently in production, and more ideas are being conceived for the 26th season and beyond. No changes will be made to the Fuser event.

All of its games will still be available on Steam and consoles, and there are no plans to change the way the studio supports old games, so it is hoped that the server will remain online in the near future.