Epic Games attributes Fornite’s Impostors mode to Innersloth

When Epic Games released its new Impostor mode to Fortnite, the gaming community quickly compared it to Innersloth’s popular game “Among Us.” Then, Innersloth developers and fans claimed that the Impostor model was not only similar to us—they claimed that it was actually the same game.

Previous Game informant Senior editor Liana Ruppert wrote about these similarities and asked a question: “Does Fortnite’s new imposter mode make the’inspiration’ among us too much?” As you can see in the tweet below, Unity programmer Gary Porter between us said that the Impostor mode even copied the map between us, just switch some things to different places. “Among us” community director Victoria Tran said: “It’s really cool to work together here.” tweet When she saw the news of Fortnite’s Impostor mode, she added that “just sad independent time [right now]. “

Epic Games seems to take criticism from fans and Innersloth developers at heart, because today Fortnite Battle Royale V18.20 update, According to reports, the company attributed Innersloth to its Impostor model European players.

“V18.20 improves Impostors, this game mode is inspired by the Innersloth among us,” the blog post wrote.

This may take nearly two months, but it is great to see that Innersloth has received the praise they deserve.

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[Source: Eurogamer]