Epic Games collaborated with Cozy Grove Studio Spry Fox and Eyes Out, a studio co-founded by a nine-inch nail guitarist

Epic Games Publishing revealed that it has partnered with a brand new studio called Eyes Out, which was co-founded by nine-inch nail guitarists Robin Finck and Spry Fox, the latter being the studio behind Cozy Grove this year.

The publishing company said it is working with Eyes Out and Spry Fox after establishing partnerships with Remedy, Playdead and Gen Design last year and “reshaping the developer/publisher relationship.”

“In order to disrupt the industry, Epic Games provides all partners with full creative freedom, complete IP ownership and preferential financial terms,” ​​Epic Games said in a press release about the announcement. “Furthermore, Epics Out and Spry Fox emphasized that Epic is willing to take risks on new projects and studios, because both teams have set out to create their most ambitious projects to date. They are both built on Unreal Engine and received Epic Support from Games Publishing.”

Finck’s new studio promotes its games through an incubation with Epic. In the beginning, Epic Games provided Eyes Out with resources to build a proof-of-concept segment of their game, and then Eyes Out pitched Epic. The publisher then decided to extend a full publishing agreement, in which case Epic extended the offer to Eyes Out. However, Epic Games stated that if it decides not to continue working with the studio after the launch, developers “keep full IP ownership to continue to build their projects and seek other release opportunities.”

According to Epic Games, Eyes Out’s first game will be a “multi-platform single player universe horror game” that combines “the creative vision of Robin Fink and developer Corey David (Spec Ops: The Line)”. Spry Fox is working with Epic Games to develop a “multi-platform non-violent MMO”. The following are some conceptual diagrams of Spry Fox’s MMO.

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