Epic Games pays attention to Fortnite movies as it begins to expand to a wider range of entertainment media

If you think Fort night It’s everywhere, just wait: it looks like epic May be considering expanding to a wider range of media and expanding its full control over the media world.

Today we report on Epic’s expansion into more traditional media such as movies, TV and other scripted video projects information Today, because Epic has considered which other avenues are open to it, and now because you may have read the large-scale lawsuit, Apple has stopped its mobile gaming adventures.

According to The Information, three senior LucasFilm employees-including Jason McGatlin, the studio’s former physical production vice president-joined Epic Games earlier this year, suggesting that the company’s film project is a very important priority. . Lynn Bartsch and Chris Furia (Head of Commercial Affairs and Vice President of Production Finance) also moved from LucasFilm to Epic.

According to the report, it is reported that the special projects department of the studio has “discussed” a Fortnite movie-although this is to the extent we currently know it.

Understandably, since Apple has banned Epic from entering the App Store, Epic is looking for other ways to enter the public’s mind, and considering that Epic may not appear on Apple stores again in the foreseeable future, the company wants to investigate Other entertainment departments that make sense.

Maybe the countless movie matches and guest appearances in Fortnite are now beginning to become more meaningful; Fortnite Mythology has long been committed to the meta-universe of content. If these IPs from different franchises are crossed in Epic’s contact book, they will get a lot of attention from all over Hollywood. Studio executives, we may see another Ready Player One in the future.

Whether this is a good thing or a bad thing, we will let you decide.