Epilepsy PSA: Destiny 2 Beyond Light

As many readers know, I’m an avid Destiny 2 player, advocating giving others another shot, following some enhancements and the latest conclusions of the Season of the Chosen. I will. Space shooters have evolved incredibly since their launch, but there are some things that Photosensitive Epilepsy people need to know, especially for those who are diving with the Season of Splicer live. There is. This is something I’ve been working on for a few weeks. If you think I may have missed something, please email me at lianaruppert@gameinformer.com (for work purposes only).

In a futuristic space game, you can expect dramatic visual effects to affect the player’s experience. These are created in a way that makes the action more pop, especially in fierce combat, encounters with bosses, and progress of raids. With the new season available, more guardians will dive into the adventure. In particular, many of the games are free for those who give shots for the first time and are available on the Xbox Game Pass. There are some things you need to know. It’s something I’ve been working on since the release of BeyondLight, but I’ve been working on it more urgently in the last few weeks.Emotions echoed in recent threads Bungee forum..

Before jumping into some of the triggers below, I would like to repeat something from the PSA of my previous epilepsy.you do Absent You need to have epilepsy to have a seizure. People in your home do not have to be epileptic to have a seizure. As stated in my epilepsy game guide, the general misconception about seizures is that they only occur in people with epilepsy. That’s not true; seizures can happen to anyone. Also, there is no “one type” of epilepsy episodes. In short, learning about triggers can be a difficult process. As accessibility in the game becomes more of a priority in the game space, the studio finally hits the game with a warning label and calls it a day, as well as for those who are susceptible to neurological episodes. We are beginning to investigate the impact of certain impacts.

May trigger epilepsy

  • Destiny 2 has a series of jump puzzles with lots of flashes, even in front of Beyond Light. This is especially true for Taken-centric instances.
  • Certain strikes and raids should also be noted with blinking. List the ones with the highest risk (because they may come back even if they are vaulted).
    • Devil’s hideout during encounter with Sepix Prime,
      • There is also a super attack against flash bangs and dark contrast in close encounters in dark corridors.
      • Saber collapsed in Cosmodrome also offers the same blinking concerns
    • Exodus crash due to flash of enemy attacks and flashing lights in the hallway
    • Festering Core with shot animation and Blight against dark, almost black color contrast against the dazzling light of this place
    • Disgraced is ubiquitous in Forgotten Shore’s color palette, and the combination of rapid flashing in combat and rapid firing of regular weapons and special abilities poses a small risk.This mainly applies to the first stage of this instance
    • Insight Terminus in a dark corridor with Darkness animation, encountering the last boss is okay
    • Hollow Drea boss encounters scone lightning attack
  • Presage
    • As with some strikes, there are many dark corridors with flashing lights, especially before the dumpling sequence. The flashing light bulb reaches the proper animation speed and causes photosensitive epilepsy (although non-epileptic patients can also be affected by rapid animation).
  • Shatterend Throne dungeons are similar to the ones mentioned above. Dark backgrounds with bright contrasts of combat take place in rapid-fire methods that can pose a danger to those susceptible to epilepsy episodes.
  • The Garden of Salvation raid is centered around VexMind, with blinks throughout the instance, especially before the tether puzzle.
  • Splicer Season Override *
    • See below for more information.

Some people report PvP Titan Striker flash bang grenades as a trigger, but the frequency of color patterns is not flagged as a dangerous animation. Talking to my own neurologist about various resources through my epilepsy and ESA, the speed of animation is not registered as dangerous. That said, The forum poster said she had a problem with this particular animation. It’s worth noting that if even one person has a problem, it’s only one person, not necessarily the one who is experiencing the reaction.

The splicer season looked much safer, most often due to the color palette chosen primarily in shades of purple and turquoise. A new Overdrive instance, a 6-player matchmaking activity, is a bit at risk as the instance begins to increase speed and strength. The flashing used to record pace changes also burdens enemies with all sorts of neurodiversity instances, as the various enemies converge to a single point, the shields are lowered, and the purple motes are banked. There is a possibility of calling.

The game has evolved significantly as Destiny 2 continues to gain traction with each post-Activision expansion. So there is an animation style. Destiny 2 does a great job primarily in terms of being conscientious, but there are always ways to make it a little safer. The way to do this is to bring awareness to the forefront with productive and respectfulness. Game accessibility still has a long way to go, especially if the general reaction in the gaming community is simply “don’t play the game.” That attitude is cold, especially considering that many of the same points raised in the game space apply to movies, television, and even casual commercials.

What can a bungee do?

One of the things I’m pushing for in the game space (and Xbox’s incredible work when it comes to prioritizing in the studios it works with) is that there are many options in the game’s settings menu. That is. Obviously, the best thing to do is to tackle potential triggers during the creation process, but that’s not always possible. When multiple departments are involved and there is a lack of neurodiversity consulting, it is easy to overlook the potential dangers. You may also not want to limit the developer’s vision. This is because certain animations may (but not always) be essential to properly convey the desired effect to the player. When this happens, what’s attracting attention in the development space, especially in indie, is to implement certain settings. Just as color blindness is becoming more and more standard when considering which options are available at startup, color blindness is beginning to be a little more normalized to provide color blindness options (color blindness). Abnormal options are recommended in the Epilepsy Guide). And the blue light eliminator can be a godsend), various filters are used when epilepsy concerns are part of the conversation.

Conversation in progress

Brannon Zahand, Microsoft’s Senior Program Manager for Game Accessibility, has previously opened up new goals for the company’s efforts. “The passion for game accessibility has grown exponentially between developers and gamers over the last decade,” he posted when talking about why this move is so important. It is stated in. “According to the ESA Foundation, there are nearly 46 million disabled gamers in the United States alone. [sic] Therefore, we are pleased that game developers are actively looking for resources to guide comprehensive game design so that it will be a fun game for everyone who wants to play the game. “

According to Zahand, accessibility is the “core aspect” behind all development decisions within the Xbox brand.This became standard when the company created it Xbox accessibility guidelines Back in 2019, from there the effort has grown in both scope and support.

Since launching a community-focused program in-house in an area that isn’t normally recognized, Xbox has worked with many groups on different aspects of accessibility to continue to grow and respond to fan feedback. Has corresponded to. “For the past year, developers have been enthusiastic about the XAG (Xbox Accessibility Guidelines), but they’re also looking for additional context and explanation on how to ensure that these guidelines are properly implemented in the game. “Masu,” added Zahand. “In addition, there is a clear desire for more content to help developers understand” where to start “or” how to focus their efforts. ” To make the impact of XAG even more effective, the team is delivering new growth. Targets for 2021 and beyond. Learn more about Xbox initiatives Here..

As someone who has had seizures due to injuries since I was active, the years after this new development are sudden to me when navigating some of my favorite and most anticipated games. It was a learning curve. Titles like Dead Space weren’t as free to enjoy as they used to be, opening up a whole new world of development and even out of their consciousness. As seizures have become my new standard, I often try to pay special attention to the selection of specific designs that can harm people who are sensitive to neurological traps. That way, you can decide for yourself if something can be played safely, see if there is a way around those obstacles, and ask others who may be facing similar obstacles. Attempts to provide a navigation tool. People who are experiencing all types of seizures, or who live in the same household as those who are prone to epilepsy, have different types of epilepsy, warning signs, and how you can play the game a little more safely. I can do it.

I would also like to express my special thanks to @Orchid Thanks also for helping to clarify this. We can all make games a safer hobby, but we all help to unite and raise awareness of each other. I’ve been talking about epilepsy in the game space for years throughout my career, but it’s only started to produce results last year. I’m looking forward to seeing what happens in the future as more studios notice that this issue is really vast.