ESA says the future of E3 will “probably” be a hybrid of digital and face-to-face events

With COVID-19, E3 did not occur last year, but this year? It’s all digital. There are various opinions in the community about where ESA should take this showcase next, or whether to continue it, but there seems to be a compromise on the future of E3. According to ESA President According to a recent statement, the next E3 is likely to be a hybrid showcase that combines online and face-to-face celebrations.

E3 2021 will start this weekend. It’s completely digital, but it’s also free. The showcase has been open to the public in the last few years. Historically, E3 has always been a dedicated face-to-face event for gaming media and other industry players. At the same time, the entire community is watching online showcases and celebrating the game from afar. Prior to COVID, ESA changed the event to be open to the public, allowing gamers to come to the showroom floor and experience the future of the game with people working in the industry.

“This provides an opportunity to fully participate in industry members, media and fans. A combination of physical and digital,” said Stanley Pierre Louÿs, Chairman of the Entertainment Software Association. .. Game industry.. “But that’s a decision. We all need to know where we’re heading.”

He also added that the central focus of the ESA is to remain very focused on this year’s event. Being digital, many things can go wrong. Technical problems are usually worst time. And competition in this area is intensifying compared to the past, especially with EA Play and Sony taking their own initiative and Summer Game Fest securing its position in the summer news rotation.

“The shape hasn’t been decided yet, but I want to learn what’s going on from this year’s event,” he added. “Focusing on E3 2021, exhibitors, media and fans I can’t talk about future E3 because I want to make it a great experience for both. “

It will be interesting to see where the E3 goes from here. With increasing attention to content creators and more and more programs making online content meaningful through pandemics, the question remains whether E3 is needed. You decide in the comments section below!