Escape Academy has done an impressive job of recreating the escape room experience

The best thing about Escape Room is that it actually exists in a completely unique space: a makeover of the classic mystery mansion full of secret passages. escape academy (opens in new tab), which I played at last week’s Summer Game Fest, couldn’t recreate this physical presence in the form of a video game. But it did put me in a room with rising water, and if I didn’t solve its puzzles fast enough, it would drown me, That It’s something you can’t do in a real escape room, and that’s exactly what I wish an escape room video game could bring me.

Escape Academy is a bit of a weird mix of narrative and puzzles – you’re a student of Hogwarts Puzzle Solver, can chat with teachers and explore the campus, but I skip all of that in my classes. The demo jumps right into the escape room. As the water flooded the room, a partner and I walked through the several-story industrial building.