ESRB Now Rates Triangle Strategies With Teen Ratings

Square Enix’s upcoming Nintendo Switch-exclusive strategy game, Triangle Strategy, is now ESRB-rated and has a Teen Rating. The game is currently slated for a global release on the Switch family of systems on March 4th, so we didn’t have to wait long to get our hands on it. You can read the full product description for Teen Ratings below.

“This is an RPG adventure game where players follow the story of a nobleman whose kingdom is on the brink of war. As players progress through the story, they can interact with characters to gain allies, make dialogue choices, and engage in tactical turn-based combat Rendered from a 3/4 top view, the player positions the character in a grid-based area, using weapon strikes and magic to defeat enemy forces. Combat is accompanied by screams of pain, crashing and screen shaking effects. Cutscenes depict additional violence and blood behavior: a character with a pool of blood under his body; a character killed by an arrow; a character executed off-screen. Some female characters are designed in costumes with moderate cleavage; dialogue contains some suggestive innuendo ( For example, “You really have to use your head a lot more. It’s the one on your shoulders”; “You look like an honest person. I’d really love having you lay down…hahaha. ”). The game contains some references to wine, ale, and becoming “drunk” in dialogue; depicts a character who is drunk, slurring, burping, and then passing out. Hear this “sh*te” in the game word.”

ESRB description