Eternal Family Review: The Marvel Universe has reached its limit

Chloe Zhao’s 2020 movie Nomadic area Starting from a few lines of sparse text, these texts constitute the entire loss world. A real-life gypsum board factory in Empire Town, Nevada closed in January 2011. Six months later, the Empire’s postal codes ceased to be used. This is a ghost town. A seemingly stable environment is revealed to be constantly changing, sometimes at a frightening and unstable rate.

Eternal raceZhao’s follow-up to her critically acclaimed Oscar-winning film also began with explanatory text. However, this time, it is more of a legend than a story. The purpose of being brought to us from another planet is that the audience cannot fully understand it until the end of the movie.It is a concealment rather than an invitation, as if two forces were fighting for this kind of movie from the beginning Eternal race should.

The latest movie from Marvel Studios is both a puzzle and an experiment. Eternal race Extending the frontier of the MCU, hinting at what might happen to it in the future, it is also a formal ambitious project. Zhao deliberately broke the perfect Marvel formula and told a more comprehensive and mature story—the kind of story known to filmmakers. The script takes the kind of seismic changes that may occur around us in just six months and blows them up on the geological scale of thousands of years through the eyes of the most conscious and diverse actors in the superhero blockbuster. Eternal raceHowever, it will eventually be troubled by this formula, and whenever it tries to show us something new, it will constantly succumb to the familiar.

Photo: Marvel Studio

Eternal race It is also burdened with one of the densest places in the history of Marvel comics, which is a relative anomaly among the large number of memorable characters created by comic legend Jack Kirby. Even a rather condensed version of the movie cannot lay the foundation without a lot of explanation: the eternal family described in the opening text of the movie is the Superman champion from the world of Olympia, sent to the earth by a cosmic god named Alimesh. A god, in order to protect mankind from terrible anomalies. Throughout history, Eternals have been here, helping humanity by hitting anomalous and slowly providing technological advancement-to some extent. Because the eternal race has another mission: they cannot interfere in conflicts on the earth that do not involve anomalies.

This is the reason given by this movie—in the actual dialogue between the characters—the Eternal Race examines Thanos’ genocide atrocities or any past horrors and atrocities. It’s a bit difficult to swallow, especially when this movie depicts historical moments of mass destruction with excellent special effects length.It’s commendable that part of this movie Eternal race The narrative arc is the moral struggle of its characters with this mission. The misfortune of putting this dilemma on characters who have lived for thousands of years is very simple: the longer the characters allow terrible things to happen before they take action, the more they look like idiots.

However, today, the eternal race can easily follow this mission. All the anomalies on the earth were wiped out, but they didn’t get a ticket to go home, Olympia, they were actually abandoned by their god, parted ways, and lived secretly among the people on earth. When Circe (Gemma Chen) and Sprite (Lia McHugh) were living in London as teachers and a (eternal) 12-year-old child, the exhibition was suspended and the action began. He also seems to be strong enough to kill the eternal race. When the superman-style Icaris (Richard Madden) came to help repel the deviant, a small eternal reunion turned into a full road trip, the purpose of which was to reunite the family and figure out the deviance The situation of the person.

In Marvel’s eternal clan, Jin Ge used a laser to shoot into the open mouth of the anomaly

Image: Marvel Studio

from here, Eternal race Become a mixed travel and historical epic. As Circe, Icarus, and Sprite reunited with their seven other “brothers and sisters” around the world, the film flashed back to their key moments on Earth, reflecting on their relationship with each other and humans. In 5000 BC, they started the Bronze Age in Mesopotamia; then they planted the wonders of the Hanging Garden in Babylon in 575 BC; Then they watched the genocidal Spanish colonization in Mexico in 1575 in shock The murderers murdered the people of Tenochtitlan. In the crossover from one era to another, Zhao began to emphasize that location is more important than anything else-even the action scenes seemed to fade. When they questioned their role in the surrounding places, the drama of interpersonal relations of the Eternal Race was temporarily beaten. Broken. They fell in love with each other and humans. They met their god, the god Allison, but they were rejected. They were skeptical for most of the film, not knowing what to do or what to believe.

but Eternal race It is a mistake of contemplation. Every time a new character is introduced, the characters we encountered before will reinterpret the story, and the same consensus and disagreement will appear. At the best moment, Zhao let the movie breathe around his most famous characters, such as Jin Ge (Kummel Nanjiani) has become a Bollywood star and joined, because he wants to turn the adventure into a movie about his rescue His documentary uses his extremely powerful finger to spear the world. Not so exaggerated but equally eye-catching is Fastos (Brian Terry Henry), the eternal inventor, out of the guilt of accelerating human technology to the possibility of atomic war, has been His human husband and son returned to a peaceful family life in the suburbs.

The cast of this movie is too large to give each character a satisfactory arc, but the screenplay composed of Zhao, Patrick Burley, Ryan Filpo and Katz Filpo will most of the film Time is used for the least compelling roles. Circe has the vague ability to transform inanimate matter from one form to another. When she turns a high-speed bus into rose petals, she is the most effective way to show her, as the de facto protagonist, but also a Listless person: She was pretending to be a mortal and dating her historian boyfriend Dane (Kit Harrington), and her larger purpose, she began to question this, but only when forced It will be so. It’s almost like the Eternal Race takes their oath of non-interference so seriously that they also refuse to promote the plot of the movie.

Sersi (Gemma Chan) standing on the beach of Marvel's eternal race

Photo: Sophie Mutevelian / Marvel Studios

There are already a lot of things Chloé Zhao has brought to the MCU as a film producer. This is mainly due to the insistence of Kevin Feige, the president of Marvel Pictures, on her Eternal race Shoot in real locations, Rather than mainly on the green screen sound field like many Marvel movies. The result is unique, but also strangely hollow. It’s like, in order to meet the needs of Marvel blockbusters, Eternal race It can only be staged in the most barren natural environment: beaches, forests, deserts. A place large enough and open enough to approach the sound field, but reluctantly. When the naturalism of the film gave way to artificial action, the result was unexpectedly dignified—except for the last spectacular exception, Eternals’ actions were very small; a strange contrast to its magnificent scope. When the heroes “dress up” for their final battle, it feels almost wrong or reluctant.

Marvel executives such as Kevin Feige attached to the MCU movie tap descriptions are not so neat Eternal race. Genre shorthand does a poor job of conveying what the audience should expect. There is no robbery, no spies, no strange new worlds, and no hidden fantasy realms. Eternal race It’s a tortuous movie about estrangement from family and how difficult it is for Stone to see them again in the end. Two and a half hours were filled with people from thousands of years ago, from one place to another, talking about the good old days.

After more than ten years of MCU formula rule, it is easy to misunderstand Eternal race‘Deviate from depth. Movies that struggle with difficult experiences are usually ugly and intentional. Unfortunately, Eternal race It’s not bold, it’s just uncoordinated. The simpler explanation is more true: Eternal race It’s a mess.

In Marvel’s eternal tribe, Jin Wu (Kummel Nanjiani), Circe (Gemma Chen), and Sprite (Leah McHugh) stand in the forest in casual clothes.

Photo: Sophie Mutevelian / Marvel Studios

This is a movie about conveying scale, about great ideas and powers that surpass anyone’s life in the geological timeline. It wrestles with a morality that transcends the considerations of a person or a planet, and has a purpose when time and distance are almost meaningless. Under these conditions, Marvel’s output will rebound and protest. The company’s plot-driven blockbuster is overwhelmingly focused on the present and the next step to a greater extent.

Eternal race Consider where we are, where we have been, and how much it has changed us, if any. These are mainly internal ideas and cannot easily be transformed into superhuman quarrels in a dim environment, where the beauty of the natural world is just a blank canvas for lasers and stamping.Every battle is like a drawstring Eternal race Return to the ground when it would rather fly. Explain that each scene of MCU cosmology has a greater effect on the movie we have not seen than the movie we are watching.

Movies can be big enough to accommodate such thoughts: difficult dialogues with cosmic meaning without clear answers, angry confrontations with the indifferent God, and whether our moral compass should change as our views and influence grow. But a movie must create a world, and these issues are important to its character and audience.In just a few lines, Zhao did it Nomadic area. Eternal race, However, is not big enough. Or maybe the Marvel Cinematic Universe is too small.

Eternal race It will premiere in theaters on Friday, November 5.