Eternals post-loan scene and Kit Harington’s Black Knight Blade, explained

A group of immortals occupying a central position does not surprise anyone Eternal race, But there is another superhero hidden in the latest episode of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. After all, this is why they invented the post-credit scenario.

When Marvel Studios first revealed the cast Eternal race, The studio let everyone know that Kit Harrington will play Dane Whitman, another self of the superhero known as the Black Knight: the descendant of King Arthur’s Knight, who has the cursed sword of his ancestors .How does this role work and what Harrington can do Eternal Race 2, Black Knight spin-off movies or other parts of the MCU become clearer soon after the end of the film rolls. Let’s break it down.

[Ed. note: This piece contains spoilers for Eternals.]

Who is Dane Whitman?

Whitman in Harrington doesn’t have the most showtimes Eternal raceCirce, who has a thousand years of history as Guy at the Human Museum in Nice, is dating. In fact, they spent most of the movie apart because she was jetting around the world, bringing the Eternals team back together while he stayed in England.

Nevertheless, when Circe realized that the world might be about to end, she encouraged him to contact his estranged uncle. In the last few scenes of the movie, Dane hinted to her that he had recently discovered an ancient family secret. Eternal race Dane did not become a superhero all the way, but the ending scenes of the movie directly point to Dane who was later exposed as the black knight.

What does Eternals’ post-production scene mean?

An earlier scene in the movie teases the direction of the ending caption scene slightly. When the Eternal Race returned to their buried spaceship and began to browse through the loot and memorabilia worth thousands of years, Xina (Angelina Jolie) picked up a sword and was asked if it was an ebony blade. . No, she said, it was just Excalibur. only.

The Ebony Blade itself appears in the ending scene. After Dane began to tell Sersi about his complicated family heritage, she was snatched away by the big red robot Arishem. In the end caption scene, Dane excitedly plucked up the courage to open a gorgeous long wooden box. When he finally made up his mind to open it, a whistling air and whispering voice appeared. He read the Latin word engraved on the box: “Mors mihi lucrum”, which means “death is my reward.” There was a long black sword in the box, and the sword was twisted in his outstretched hand with a vivid darkness, like iron filings attracted by a magnet. When he reached for it, he said “I’m sorry, I must try.”

But before he touched, an off-screen voice asked, “Are you sure you are ready, Mr. Whitman?” and the screen was cut to black.

Who is the black knight?

Long before Dane Whitman took the helm of the Black Knight, this title was first held by Sir Percy of Scandia, a beloved member of the court of King Arthur.Stan Lee and artist Joe Manili created Percy in 1955, when Marvel Comics was also known as Atlas Comics. Superhero comics were in a post-war downturn, allowing adventure books like this black Knight #1 Forcibly enter the newsstand.

Sir Percy described by Lee and Maneely is a self-deprecating magician, humorist, and King Arthur’s favorite. He presented Percy with the Ebony Blade, a powerful sword created by Merlin from the star stone meteorite to express his gratitude. Feelings. Or at least the legend is like this.

Like any good medieval story, the true creator of this sword and how it gains power is a question of conspiracy and investigation. As a medieval knight, Percy is not yet fully prepared to become popular with anime and comics. Ten years later, modern superheroes passed by.

The second black knight, the first to enter the superhero era, is actually a super villain. Nathan Garrett was founded by Stan Lee and Dick Ayres, a scientist, criminal, and modern descendant of Sir Percy. When Garrett’s evil behavior made him unworthy of Percy’s magic sword, Garrett became so frustrated that he made his own technologically enhanced medieval weapons (including a genetically modified winged horse). And mainly use them to fight Iron Man.

The third black knight, Garrett’s nephew, Dyne Whitman, appeared in Eternal raceHe inherited the legacy of the Black Knight after being visited by the ghost of Sir Percy, and successfully defeated the protection curse guarding the Ebony Blade. He is an ordinary human without any power, possesses a sword from the Arthurian era… and became a superhero. When his entire schtick is a sharp weapon, how can he beat bad guys non-lethally? Many well-designed battle scenes.

What is the Ebony Blade?

Dane cheered on Ebony Blade with the dark thoughts it felt so delicious.
Image: Si Spurrier, Sergio Davila/Marvel Comics

The Ebony Blade is a very powerful sword that protects the wielder from death and smashes almost all enemies.If Excalibur (where Eternal race References) is a pure A student of the Magic Sword family, Ebony Blade is a contemplative, emotional cousin who sits alone at a family gathering.

Because this powerful sword has a nasty little secret: curse! The more blood it sheds, the more bloodthirsty its holder is. Only those with a pure heart can hold the sword. Or at least this is a story over the years.

Dane is suffering from being passed on to different writers. They don’t seem to know how to deal with him, which leads him to play many different roles.The Black Knight has always been a member of Defenders, Ultraforce, and even MI-13He has become the leader of the Avengers, a pseudo-ambassador to the United Nations, and yes, even the boyfriend of the eternal Selsey.

He feels unclear because he is not, and this should apply to Marvel Studios.He has never succeeded in an independent series, except for this year’s The Black Knight: The Curse of the Ebony Blade, A comic reveals that the legend of the Ebony Blade is not as heroic as Sir Percy originally suggested.

with Curse of the Ebony Blade, The writer Si Spurrier and the artist Sergio Dávila delve into the dark elements of Dane Whitman’s psychology and his bond with the sword aroused by negative emotions. The series also introduces Jackie, Whitman never knew his daughter, she took on the mantle of the black knight with him. Although the Curse of the Ebony Blade is a limited series of issues, there is still hope that the Black Knight can consolidate his presence in the Marvel Universe-especially now that he has set foot in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.