Europe and Australia: Germany’s ban on dying light prevents Switch eShop from launching

Although the game is out, the ban on “Dying Light” and the new “Dying Light: German Platinum Edition” is preventing the game from being available on the Nintendo Switch eShop in Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. During the period when “Light” was banned in Germany in early 2015, the law was revised, but “Dying Light” was never cleared. Nintendo Europe operates in Hamburg, Germany. Therefore, “Dying Light: Platinum Edition” cannot be listed on the Nintendo Switch eShop, which means that Switch owners in Europe, Australia, and New Zealand cannot digitally purchase games on the Nintendo Switch online store. Fortunately, the game has received a physical version, so Switch users in Europe and Australia can purchase “Dying Light: Platinum Edition” in this way. Techland has confirmed that the ban is still in effect and they are working with the authorities to clear the game for release.

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