Europe: Festive Sale at Nintendo eShop

During this period Holiday offer, Over 1000 games Nintendo Switch Enjoy a discount of up to 75%.Sold on Nintendo Online Store From Thursday the 16thday December 15:00 Central European Time to end on Tuesday 30thday December at 23:59 Central European Time.

For people who like to play online or with friends and family, there are a variety of games on sale.Anyone can dance to the latest hit songs and share some fun, while also tracking their performance and calories Just Dance® 2022. Players can also try to control their spaceship with their friends while finding and surviving one or more imposter’s plans Between us. Or, do you want to return to the onion kingdom?Then form a team of chefs in a classic sofa co-op or online game, which can accommodate up to four players Overcooked! 2.

For those who like to take risks alone, there are many things to choose from.Try to save the Halcyon colony while leading your companions to explore the galaxy outside world. Or as Cloud Strife to help the rebels liberate the world from the rule of Shinra, and at the same time have to accept that Strife himself is in Final Fantasy VIIThose who want to relive classic Sonic games of the past and travel through new areas and completely reimagined classic games can do so Sonic Mania. And in Mario + Rabbids® Kingdom Battle, The most incredible team of heroes travel through four distorted worlds in dynamic turn-based battles, challenge puzzles and fight unpredictable enemies to restore order in the Mushroom Kingdom.

Check out some of the highlights below and head to the Nintendo eShop, or Nintendo eShop Sales Center View the full lineup after the sale starts:

title Publisher Discount
Just Dance® 2022 Ubisoft 33%
Between us Neslos 20%
Overcooked! 2 17 teams 75%
outside world Take two interaction 60%
Final Fantasy VII SQUARE ENIX Corporation 50%
Sonic Mania Sega 50%
Mario + Rabbids® Kingdom Battle Ubisoft 63%
Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remake SQUARE ENIX Corporation 50%
Teacup head Studio MDHR 30%
Dragon Ball Warrior Z Bandai Namco Entertainment 84%
RAYMAN® LEGENDS: Final Edition Ubisoft 75%
The monopoly of Nintendo Switch Ubisoft 75%
Trivial pursuit live! Ubisoft 60%
Jackbox Party Pack 7 Jackbox games 35%
Ninomokuni: Wrath of the White Witch™ Bandai Namco Entertainment 80%
Resident Evil 4 Capcon 25%
Fast RMX Xinen Multimedia 50%
Borderlands Legend Collection Take two interaction 60%
BioShock Remake Take two interaction 60%
Little Nightmare II Bandai Namco Entertainment 33%
Mana Trial SQUARE ENIX Corporation 50%
Hot Wheels Release™ milestone 30%
No more heroes Wonderful Europe 50%
Stick War: The Game Login to game 50%
Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy: Cloud Edition SQUARE ENIX Corporation 35%

Source: Nintendo UK