Every upcoming video game-based animation series

“Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon” is the inspiration for this weird anime created by Adi Shankar, creator of the Castlevania series. In another 1950s, cybernetic super soldier Dolph Laserhawk defected from the army, completed the final robbery and lived a free life with his boyfriend. This story also contains mixed versions of other Ubisoft game characters, creating a variety of multiverses.Showcasing the 80s synthetic wave aesthetics and theme inspiration from DC Comic Outside world Series and Captain N: Game Master, Captain Laser Hawk It will consist of six episodes. Ubisoft’s Hélène Juguet, Hugo Revon and Gérard Guillemot were commissioned to produce the series. To quote Shankar himself, Captain Laser Hawk If you like “anime, Saturday morning cartoons, violent video games for children, professional wrestling, steel cage games, cyberpunk dystopias, Paul van Hoeven and John Carpenter” then it is you The ideal choice. | trailer