Everyone’s Golf Online servers shut down in September

If you’ve been hitting online links in Golf for All, your days on the greens are numbered. Sony has announced that online servers for 2017 games will be shutting down later this year.

According to the message that appears when you visit the game, the shutdown happens on September 30th PlayStation Store pageIt also states that “all online features (including online multiplayer mode) will cease on that date. You can still play and enjoy the game in single player offline mode.”

This means Everyone Golf will lose its online open course exploration, where players can freely roam the course and communicate with other players. It also allows players to indulge in non-golf activities like fishing and swimming. Competitive options like the game’s Turf Mode and International Championships will also be eliminated.

Additionally, this means that the following online-dependent trophies will no longer be available:

Platinum Trophy – “Push it to the limit!”

Gold Trophy – “Walking Encyclopedia”

Bronze Award – “Online Debut”

Launched in August 2017, All Golf was the first entry to drop the North American Hot Shots golf brand (which has always been All Golf in Japan). While it’s not a perfect choice in terms of features or out-of-the-box depth, it’s always sad to see another online mode fall into server-cutting territory. There is no official explanation for the shutdown, but maintaining the servers costs money. One has to assume that the online community isn’t active enough to justify keeping the lights on at this time.

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