Everything we know about Battlefield 2042

Following the 2018 World War II epic “Battlefield V”, Dice is abandoning the past and focusing on the near future. “Battlefield 2042” will plunge players into large-scale skirmishes. The background is a turbulent world. This world is ravaged by one of our biggest existential threats: climate change. What did Dice prepare for “Battlefield” to return to the modern era? Everything you need to know about this highly anticipated shooting game is here.

How is it different from previous battlefield games?

Unlike the last few works of the series, “Battlefield 2042” is returning to the roots of franchising with a fully multiplayer experience. DICE has given up on single-player games and chose to provide all its narrative clues through various multiplayer game components, such as the map and personal experts you play in battle.

What is the story behind “Battlefield 2042”?

After a series of disasters broke any ostensible peace, an earth already distressed by the effects of climate change found itself in a period of war. Satellites scattered in the Earth’s atmosphere become victims of an event called the “Kessler Effect”, in which critical mass machines collide with each other, creating a series of destructive torrents. With the disappearance of more than 70% of the satellites on the earth, the communication and positioning systems are largely paralyzed. Due to the tight supply chain, Russia and the United States are caught in an escalating food and resource conflict. Increasingly violent storms and overall climatic conditions forced the displaced people known as No-Pats to choose one side of the conflict.

What is the return of multiplayer game mode?

Dice brings back the popular conquest and breakthrough multiplayer modes, which together form the backbone of the pack’s total warfare. Conquest is a sandbox conflict in which large teams compete for territory. It will now support 128 players on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S and PC, and halve the number of people on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The breakthrough will again feature an offensive team passing through one of the 2042’s large maps, while the defensive team must hold on to the line and prevent the offensive team from passing.

How many maps can we expect?

Locations and maps can become the core and soul of any FPS experience. “Battlefield 2042” hopes to revive some classics while introducing some new favorites. DICE has prepared 13 maps, including 7 brand new regions and 6 maps of the past return to the battlefield.

The new map includes the orbit of French Guiana, players fighting around rocket launches, abandoned Indian shipyards, and hourglasses, hourglasses, and Qatar cities ravaged by sandstorms.

The returned map includes representatives from the entire battlefield timeline, which may only be available in the portal mode of the game. The Battle of the Bulge in 1942 was here with Bad Company 2’s Arica Port and Battlefield 3’s Noshahar Canal. Each of these classic maps has been remade with new artistic assets.

Why should I be excited about Portal?

As the second of the three pillars of the 2042 experience, Portal allows players to create their own battlefield scenes using maps, weapons, vehicles, and equipment throughout the history of the series. You can even use arsenals from different eras to form asymmetric teams and create new victory conditions to add interest to large-scale team conflicts. Want to rebuild a World War II squadron with the only available technology at the time and let them compete with modern operators? this is possible! How about giving everyone a knife and sniper rifle on the Bad Company 2 map? This is also a choice you can make. Portal has a logic editor, custom modes, and other settings that can be adjusted to build unique conflicts that are not normally possible in standard 2042 games.

What happened in the new hazardous area model?

Your goal in Hazard Zone is simple: enter the 2042 map as a team of four experts, retrieve valuable data drives, and then leave your life. All other groups in the area are fighting for the same goal, and the situation becomes complicated. There is no guarantee of rebirth in the danger zone, so once you fall, your team is likely to fall important members of the team. If you do manage to extract from the map with the important information at hand, you will get XP and dark market points, which will provide your team with better equipment for subsequent extraction in the danger zone. The more intelligence you collect, the better your rewards. However, the longer you stay on a given map, the greater the risk that you will not be able to get any sweet rewards alive.

Who are the experts and will they replace traditional courses?

Abandoning traditional class-based loading, 2042 is introducing experts. These are roles you will play similar to the professions you may be familiar with, but each has unique expertise and characteristics. For example, Maria Falck specializes in support, whose specialty is a pistol, which can fire therapeutic syringes at her allies. She is known as a combat surgeon and completely heals the player when she is resurrected.

Each expert has a background story and motivation to participate in the conflict, bringing a little narrative and reason for the multiplayer-only game. The returning faces can also be found on the list, including the last performance of the late Michael K. Williams, who replayed the role of Kimble “Irish” Graves in Battlefield 4. His expertise is called the defense system, which includes deployable cover and APS to shoot down sentries to deal with annoying aerial projectiles. It is said that the traits of the Irish, veterans, can provide additional armor bonuses for downed enemies.

There are a total of 10 experts to play, and their equipment is fully customizable in addition to their characteristics and expertise.

Will there be a “battlefield”?

Come on, do you think Dice will release a multiplayer-only battlefield, ignoring all the cool, memorable, and urgent things? Of course, you will be able to eject from the cockpit of a jet plane, launch an RPG at nearby helicopters and wing suits and turn into a tornado, and then land on another car! Go wild!

As the Earth’s climate collapsed in 2042, weather played an important role in the unpredictability of multiplayer matches. In one game, you may only encounter a slight drizzle, but in another game, you may encounter a violent thunderstorm accompanied by one of the tornadoes mentioned above. In true battlefield fashion, use the violent weather as a cover, move your advantage, or just enjoy the fun of spinning in a tumbling vortex. You do you.

So, when will Battlefield 2042 be released?

“Battlefield 2042” will currently be released on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on November 19. Anyone who pre-orders the Gold or Ultimate Edition can get the first experience on November 12. On the same day, EA Play or Xbox Game Pass subscribers will be offered a 10-hour trial.