Everything we know about losing judgment

(Sexual assault content warning)

We recently had the opportunity to experience many different levels of “The Lost Trial”-including its opening.If you want to read the full article, including an interview with producer Kazuki Hosokawa, you can read the Game informant. At the same time, here are our thoughts on the opening moments of the game:

The Lost Trial opens in Ijincho, Yokohama, “A Place Like a Dragon” and the latest open world in the entire series. Firefighters are rushing to the scene; as one firefighter pointed out, an abandoned building emits thick smoke, but there are no obvious signs of fire. This made him think it was a false alarm or a prank.

His assumption is incorrect.

After entering, they investigated the floor with smoke and found 14 flares arranged in the shape of arrows, pointing in the direction of the large objects covered by the tarpaulin. Hundreds of flies hovered around. You cannot be sure until one of the firefighters muster the courage to remove the tarp, but you know exactly what is below. This is not good.

Removing the tarp confirmed your worst hypothesis-a corpse. But not fresh corpses. The skin turns dark due to decay. The hand tied behind his back was sprained and broken. The corpse has been here for a while, and maggots and larvae have made their homes in the rotten hole that used to be the nose. The camera slowly moved to the corpse, and just before you could no longer shoot, the screen cut into black, and a familiar voice came from the pipe.

“In Japan, 99.9% of criminal trials end with guilty verdicts,” said the protagonist Yagami, which is the theme declaration of “The Lost Trial.”

“The reality is that the law is neither perfect nor fair,” he said a moment later. “So my job is to give those who don’t have the right to have a chance to be heard.”

The story takes place in December 2021. Kangwon Mingbo was accused of groping a woman on a train. A bystander took a video of Gangwon trying to escape. Through news broadcasts, it led the public to strongly demand the highest penalty. However, Jiangyuan mentioned Yokohama’s body in the trial and asked whether the court had determined the identity of the person. His defense lawyer Saori Shirasaki is the protagonist of the first game and a colleague of Iori. He asked Iori to investigate, believing that the police ignored important details of the case. Did Gangwon commit two crimes at the same time? If so, how? Is his sex battery box cover up? Or did he completely play with the Japanese judicial system? These are the core issues in The Lost Trial.