EVGA releases vBIOS to improve RTX 3080 Ti mining performance

If you are looking for RTX 3080 Ti, your search may become more difficult. EVGA has released a firmware update, which seems to have greatly improved the mining hash rate of its RTX 3080 Ti. Sadly, you may be able to deduce what this means. The attractiveness of EVGA 3080 Ti to miners suddenly becomes greater. The more cards in the hands of miners, the fewer cards in the hands of gamers.

The graphics card market has become its own meme. The shortage of key components that cause manufacturing bottlenecks is one thing, but when you increase extreme mining demand, we get a double punch that leads to where we are today. The release of a number of Light Hash Rate (LHR) GPUs, including RTX 3080 Ti, aims to reduce mining performance without affecting game performance. This is popular with gamers, but miners are always looking for ways to unlock the hash rate of the LHR card to provide better mining performance.