Evidence revealed, claiming that artist Resident Evil and Devil May Cry’s Devil May Cry stole her photo

Shortly after the creators of the horror film submitted evidence that Capcom stole the design of Resident Evil Village (which is also mentioned in the proceedings detailed below), another artist said the studio was Resident Evil. A crying franchise who claimed to have stolen her property from Devil May.

In a new lawsuit filed last week, artist Judy A. Juracek claims that Capcom used the stolen copyrighted photos in both franchises, including the environment and the Resident Evil 4 logo. The proceedings have been filed on the grounds for the theft of her copyrighted photo. surface. In this book, Juracek shared over 1,000 photos of various textures. Released in 1996, the purpose of Surfaces is to provide architectural designers with a “visual survey” for educational purposes.The designer it can When using images in her books, anyone who uses her property has a process that requires them to contact her before doing so. She stated in the proceedings that Capcom had never contacted her photo.

Judy A. Jurasek | Surface

Through public court documents, some images are presented to show the references used from her book. The image above is her photo on the left and a depiction of a biohazard remake on the right. She also provided a comparison of the logos used in Resident Evil 4.

Judy A. Jurasek | Surface

The surface was also used without her consent, as seen in the image below. She makes comparisons where the exact pattern can be seen, showing that it is not cut out from her photo found in the book.

Judy A. Jurasek | Surface

As pointed out by polygon, The proceedings also mention a major security breach that Capcom endured in 2020. In her proceedings, Capcom even renamed the filename she used in the CD version of the image. Say it wasn’t. surface, Shows a direct reference to her photo used by the studio in the biggest game franchise.

Juracek and her team of lawyers have paid up to $ 12 million in damages based on piracy and the removal of rights management, which could cost the studio up to $ 25,000 for each stolen image. I’m looking for.

Capcom has told the site that it clearly “knows” the proceedings, but declines to comment at this time. You can see the full court document. Here..

What are your thoughts on the proceedings against Capcom for work in Juracek’s book Surfaces? Do you think it’s just a big coincidence, or does she have a case? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.