Evil Dead: Game Cover Revealed and Andrew Shouldice Dressed | GI Exhibition

We’re back with another special episode Game Informer Show! This week, Tunic lead creator Andrew Shouldice joins us to discuss how one of the best indie games in recent memory was born. We also broke down our actual impressions of Evil Dead: The Game and let fans of the series know why they should be excited for Sabre Interactive’s next game.

If that wasn’t enough, the second half of the show will feature as many games, shenanigans, and community emails as possible!

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Check out the timestamps below to jump to specific points in the discussion:

00:00:00 – Introduction
00:01:40 – Andrew Shouldice on creating the tunic
00:47:37 – Tunic spoilers
00:50:19 – Andrew Shouldice on creating the tunic
00:56:02 – Evil Dead: Game cover revealed
01:13:15 – Playlist
01:14:33 – Mythic power
01:29:30 – MLB The Show 22
01:38:52 – Norco
01:49:15 – The Hunt: Showdown
01:51:49 – Room service
02:00:10 – Community email