Evil Genius 2, Mortal Shell: Enhanced Edition Xbox Game Pass More

Some additional games are being added to Xbox Game Pass For November.

Two are games through EA Play, Dragon Age: Origins, with Dead end, And both come to the cloud today.

Another title coming this month is Evil Genius 2, Released in March. You can download it and start playing it on November 30th. Until then, there are other games available for Game Pass users.

November 17, The next space rebel Will reach the cloud, console and PC. Available on the first day of Xbox Game Pass, in the game, you transform from a rocket enthusiast to an experienced space activist by designing, building, and launching more and more complex rockets.

Alien One Coming to the cloud, console and PC on November 18th, this was the first day of the service’s release. In this interstellar journey through time and space, you will do your best to master the traversal system and traverse different landscapes. You will need to use both gravity and momentum to achieve super fast speeds and fairly high altitudes.

Turn-based strategy title Fae tactics Xbox Game Pass will be launched on November 18th and is available for cloud, console and PC. The game tells the journey of a magician named Peony through a world full of mystery and danger. When you are involved in the increasingly fierce conflict between humans and magical creatures, she can summon allies, cast spells and become friends with the crew.

on the same day, My friend pedro Back to the Xbox Game Pass library for cloud, console, and PC. If you’ve never played it, this game is a side-scrolling game, described as “a violent ballet about friendship and imagination”, and a person “kills anyone in his way under the command of a sentient banana “The struggle.

Here, you will shoot through different levels, and you can even enjoy slow motion actions to create your own action sequences. The game is developed by DeadToast, and it also has clone aiming, acrobatic actions and various other crazy actions.

Also on November 18th, Dungeon will provide. The title of the first day, in this game, you will shuttle between dimensions, change the world around you, and rebuild the existing reality. The choices you make will affect the fate of the multiverse on the brink of destruction. This action RPG has some exquisite pixel art that blends the narrative of science fiction with real-time combat. Interestingly, the role you play will be created by you by implanting organs in their bodies. It is about to enter the cloud, console and PC.

After that Deere simulator Landed on cloud, host and PC on November 23. The game is basically a “slow life town destruction game”. As a deer, you can play peacefully with other animals in the town, or if you want, absolutely destroy the town and everything in it.

finally, Mortal shell Log on to the console, cloud and PC on the same day. In this action role-playing game, in a broken world, you will enter a hidden temple and face powerful enemies. These opponents are merciless, and survival will boil down to your keen awareness, precision and instinct. In order to accomplish your goal, you will have the corpses of the defeated warriors, which is the so-called mortal shell. While occupying their corpses, your understanding of various combat techniques will be greatly improved.

With the emergence of new games, a batch of games withdrew from the service.

You have until November 30 Play Call of the Ocean, FIFA 19, Football Manager 2021, Football Manager 2021 Xbox Edition, Haven, Hello Neighbors, Morkrredd and Va-11 Hall-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action.

Leave December 8 It will be “Destiny 2: Beyond Light” for cloud and console.