Ex-BioWare dev says no one believes in ‘BioWare magic’, Anthem 2 is ‘really fun, but that’s when EA killed it’

Last week saw the release of The Lord of the Rings: Gollum, and it didn’t go well. While PCG Reviews found the game to have some redeeming qualities, technical issues on other platforms resulted in some poor review scores for the game, so much so that the studio felt compelled to issue an apology and some promises to iron out the bug. This has also led to moments of solidarity among developers on social media, as people who have worked on different games share their stories on such projects.

One particular story was shared at length that would be sad to read for any Iron Man fantasists out there. Developer Ian Saterdalen is currently lead producer at Mythical Games, having held various roles at Crystal Dynamics, Blizzard, Riot, and BioWare before that, when Anthem’s development was extremely rushed.