Exclusive impression of Saints Row practice

Last month, developer Volition provided us with a playable version of the new Saints Row. I have access to some story missions, some side events, and the entire San Eleso map to explore. Will encourages me to drive, coast, and wantonly destroy my heart. So, this is exactly what I did. Although the content is still under development, I can understand the early development of the game and it looks good so far.

In Saints Row IV’s super power tour, when you can choose Super Sprint and Jump around Steelport, the car is almost useless. With this restart of Saints Row, these forces will be nowhere to be found, so you can either step on it or steal a random car from the street to move around. Fortunately, Saints Row has a completely redesigned driving system that brings new weight to driving and shifts the focus of car combat from guns and driving to using the car itself as a weapon.

In an early story mission (you can read about it in our Saints Row cover story), I learned about two key features of this new driving model. One is the ability to shake your car to the left or right by pressing a button, basically slamming your car to cause damage or drive a competitor’s car off the road. The other is the new drift, which will shake your car to sideslip, while the camera will coldly tilt and zoom in slightly to increase the effect.

Drifting in Saints Row feels very much like Mario Kart drifting, which is highly praised. No matter what the vehicle is, when coasting, drift will always set your car at a roughly predetermined angle, allowing you to control the analog stick to adjust your car to reach the ideal position when you exit the corner. There is no need to worry about overusing the electronic brakes, throwing the end of the car too far, or losing too much speed when performing maneuvers. I appreciate that it is designed to keep you alive, not to hinder your enjoyment. In the end, no matter how fast or slow I go, I drift at every turn, just because it is fun.

Play as the very capable protagonist known as The Boss, and you can board your vehicle even when moving. On the roof, you have a full 360-degree vantage point to eliminate any nasty local gang members from the Los Pantheros or Idols factions that may be caught in battle. You can also choose to fly into the sky wearing a new wing suit. If your car is driving fast enough, you can jump off the roof and soar in the air to fly far or land on another set of wheels to act as your own wheel.

Wearing wings around Santo Ileso like a deadly and crazy flying squirrel is exhilarating, and it is also some of the fun I had in Saints Row. In addition to the roof of a driving car, you can also start gliding from high-rise buildings such as office buildings or mountains and hills around the city. There are also spots scattered on the house mechanism of the map that can throw you into the air; no skyscrapers are needed. Finding a flight location is not always easy, but I like how it emphasizes the importance of ground crossings and relies on driving for most of your trips in the Santo Ileso area.

Using wing suits is a good way to quickly travel short distances across the city. Although you are always at the mercy of gravity, diving to speed up and pull up to restore altitude can greatly extend your flight time. I like your sense of speed and control when flying around. I compare it with the gliding ability of the cloak of Super Mario World and the gliding ability of Batman’s Arkham City.

From the time I was in Saints Row, the feeling of shooting was the most ordinary. We can use a set of pistols, assault weapons and rocket launchers, and their performance meets your expectations in the Saints Row game. When I tried to commit a crime near Santo Ileso, some of the wilder weapons promised by the developers were not available. Nonetheless, rocket-powered explosives and smaller ballistics are enough to deal with people or anything that hinders my progress.

Outside of gameplay, a question for the gaming community is whether it feels like the saints of the underworld in the past. Volition has always hoped to provide a tone between Saint Row 2 and Saints Row The Third. Judging from the small clips I have played, I want to say that it has reached this goal. I find that writing and humor are in the same range. There is not a lot of curse, st-talk and other vulgar content in most of the content currently public. After all, you are a group eager to establish a criminal group.

This saint caucus is new, you can get to know them and become their friends. This is one of the best parts of the past entries, and I look forward to challenging the world with Eli, Neenah and Kevin. They complement each other, and even from what I have seen, I can see where conflicts may occur, but I can also feel that they are riding or dying for their fellow saints. I am ready to take over St. Elisso with them and be part of the disaster and destruction caused along the way.

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