Exclusive Magic: Gathering Streets Preview Cards for New Capena

Magic: The Gathering’s next set takes players to New Capena, a city controlled by five distinct but deadly crime families led by demons. Each has a specific flavor, which you can learn about in our series preview from last week. For our exclusive preview card courtesy of Wizards, this cabaletti reveler is handing out vipers to everyone at the party. Everyone has a friend like that; you know that.

Artwork by Marta Nael

Venom Connoisseur is a 2/2 Human Druid with 1G in Uncommon, using the ability word “Alliance”.The rules text on the card reads: “Whenever another creature enters the battlefield under your control, Venom Connoisseur gains deathtouch until end of turn. If this is the second time this ability is resolving this turn, all of your Creatures you control gain deathtouch until end of turn. Turn.” In a brilliant illustration of the card, the artist Martanel Bring this snake charmer to life.

In a limited deck, if you go with the full Cabaletti plan, the ability to trigger the Venom Connoisseur twice to give the entire team Deathtouch isn’t too hard to achieve, and will give your opponents some irritating volatility . If there’s some easy way to throw creatures onto the battlefield on your opponent’s turn, you can also make some surprisingly devastating blocks. As the saying goes: “Deathtouch Tango, everyone only needs two” and something like that…

Narrowing down to the 60-card Constructed format, I immediately thought of my pet cards from Kaldheim, Fynn, Fangbearer. His ability allows your deathtouched creature to give an opponent two poison counters when they take damage, and if someone has 10 or more poison counters, they lose the game. The problem with building a deck around Fynn is that you need a lot of deathtouching creatures in your deck for a satisfying Infect victory. With the Venom Connoisseur, the barrier to entry into a deck is significantly lower, allowing decks to use more color and utility. Using cards that continually create creatures like Scute Swarm, Join the Dance, Clarion Spirit, or a variety of cards that spawn Rotten Zombie tokens in abundance from the Midnight Hunt will keep your battlefield full and, more importantly, Threatening lethal infection damage anytime from your Deadpool fleet if Fynn is on the board.

This is just the skin of what Venom Coinnesseur can do, and we’ll be able to see it in action in just a few weeks. The Streets of New Capenna Prerelease begins April 22, and the full set will be released on April 29. It will be available digitally on April 28 at Magic: The Gathering Arena and Magic Online.Thanks for joining Wizards of the Coast game informer Again in preview season.

Which card do you think would work well with this impressive new card from New Capena Street? Let us know in the comments below!