Exclusive observation of driving and car fighting in Saints Row

After the release of our last Saints Row cover video, many of you asked for action-focused shots, and we are happy to finally agree. Today, we will exclusively showcase the relaunched driving system, including new ways to participate in car battles! I played the Saints Row version for a few days last month, and Santo Ileso’s vehicles are very interesting. I was never the biggest racing fan in the room, but this restart brought a delightful arcade racing experience, reminding me of my soft spot for series such as Underground Need for Speed, Grand Theft Auto and even early Saints games. .

This game has a lot of driving mechanics that we have seen in other games, such as drifting, speed increase of certain vehicles and blind weapon shooting, but one of my favorite additional features is the ability to surf on the vehicle. You can abandon the steering wheel when driving alone and let the natural power of the car drive you forward while firing your favorite assault rifle at an unsuspecting enemy, or you can ride on it while your partner is driving a vehicle. If your car has enough speed while surfing, you can even unfold your wings and fly directly into the sky, which feels great when you pull it down. When you are ready to return to Earth, you can even land on another car.

Please note that this Saints Row gameplay is a pre-alpha lens provided by Deep Silver, which represents a game that is still under development.

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