Expedition: Rome Review | PC Gamer

need to know

What is it? Historical RPG with strategic elements set in alternative historical Rome
expect to pay £30/$36
release date come out now
developer logic artist
Publisher THQ Nordic
audit date Ryzen 7 5800H, Nvidia GeForce 3070 (mobile), 16GB RAM
multiplayer game? No
association Steam page

It took me dozens of hours – at least a dozen more than I would have liked – but finally I made it. I’ve built a digital legacy worthy of Rome’s glory (and twatty imperial power) for Robertus Atellius Somethingus. I rallied elite legions that conquered Asia Minor, North Africa and Gaul, I besieged cities, overthrew corrupt senators, stabbed enemies with my savage Praetorian Guards, and struck a particularly lustful and arrogant gram with my arrogance lopatra.

This is a solid resume for anyone applying for the position of consul in ancient Rome.

Expeditions: Rome is a historical RPG that simplifies elements of games such as Total War and its campaign map and Divinity: Original Sin, with its tactical turn-based combat and CRPG-style world traversal across the blockbuster classic world of adventure.

(Image credit: THQ Nordic)

The divine resemblance is no coincidence. Developer Logic Artists’ previous historical RPGs Viking and Conquistador impressed Larian Studios so much that they were commissioned to co-develop Divinity: Fallen Heroes before the project was shelved (probably due to development on Baldur’s Gate 3) . In short, this developer is not a commoner when it comes to this kind of game.