Experience the weird west for yourself-a frontier worth exploring

Weird West is the upcoming isometric double-bar shooting game by Wolfeye Studios. Wolfeye Studios is a relatively new developer led by the former co-creator of Prey and Dishonored. Soon you can feel their immersive sim handprints. In fact, once you understand the basics of Weird West’s dual joystick shooting action, the same combat scene experience in games such as “Dishonored” will appear, which is a kind of fun.

Will you shoot with your shotgun and pray until everyone is dead? If so, I hope you have ransacked some dead coyote meat, or hoarded bandages in the town. Or do you take a more covert route? Hope you have found a poison barrel on the cliff, you can use it to kick the enemies below, which will hurt them and let you surprise them with some bullets.

No matter what you decide to do, the mechanics of the battle are the same. You can use the WASD key or the left joystick to move in the area, and use the mouse or the right joystick to aim at the sight on the screen in a classic dual-joystick shooting game. Different guns have different ranges and damage output. Fortunately, even in fierce battles, switching between them is easy. I particularly like the fact that “Strange West” is not particularly generous in ammunition, because it forces me to recycle all the weapons I can use.

In the few hours I spent with Weird West, these battle scenes fascinated me the most. I started to treat them as small puzzles and also an opportunity to shoot some local gang members. In doing so, Weird West’s more immersive simulations naturally shine.

Weird West’s puzzle-like two-shot shooting battle was not the only thing that piqued my interest. It has a beautiful (slightly) cel shadow art style, and it feels particularly unique due to Weird West’s three isometric viewing angles-telephoto angle, mid-angle and close-range zoom.Its synthetic music reminds me of John Carpenter’s Halloween, Which adds a touch of horror to the atmosphere of Weird West.

I found that the only shortcoming of “Strange West” is the narrative. Admittedly, I only played a small part of the game, so when the full story opens up to me, things may change. However, now, the storyline of the bounty hunter’s retirement is the dullest part of my time in Weird West. This is not to say that the actual dialogue in the game is rough-I like it very much, and I like the side tasks presented to me. I just hope that the overall narrative will be as compelling as the rest of the game.

With its unique interpretation of the Wild West, it feels like werewolves and undead and coyotes and cows have become part of everyday life in another era, Weird West has done a lot to get my attention, even with some shortcomings. On January 11 next year, when it is released on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, I will follow this game.

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