Explore Bioshock Infinite’s Complete History | Video Game Science

Now that Season 3 of Video Gameography is complete, and the Uncharted series has, and… charted, we’re diving deep and soaring above the clouds to focus on Season 4 of the Bioshock franchise. We welcome our guest Bryan Vore back to the show this week as we take to the skies to explore the final game of the hapless short trilogy Bioshock Infinite.

Bioshock Infinite and Bioshock 2 began pre-production around the same time, but when 2K Marin was once again exploring the depths of the ocean, Ken Levine and his team at 2K Boston/Irrational Games were left in the dark. Focusing on American exceptionalism, Bioshock Infinite introduces players to the floating city of Columbia, a feat of engineering inspired by the World’s Fair attractions of yesteryear. We discuss the disturbing developments that come together miraculously later in the process, as well as main characters Booker DeWitt and Bioshock’s first permanent companion in Elizabeth. And hear till the end as we reveal what’s in store for the next season of video game photography!

Join host Marcus Stewart (@Marcus Stewart7), John Carson (@John_Carson) and before game informer Edited by Brian Wall (@Bryan_Vore) as we unravel the history and narrative of the final Bioshock released so far!

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