Explore Nintendo’s Super Metroid | Video Game

Season one Game informantVideo Gameography explores the history of the Metroid series. After watching Samus’s classic debut and handheld outing, we will enter the most influential work in the series: Super Metroid.

Super Metroid was released for Nintendo’s Super Nintendo Entertainment System on April 18, 1994. It sold well at the time, but as more and more games draw inspiration from Sams’s haunting adventure across the planet Zebes, Its legend has developed over time.Developed by Nintendo R&D1, with 15 employees and directed by Yoshio Sakamoto, Super Metroid is widely regarded as one of the greatest—if not this The greatest-the game of all time. In this episode, we will discuss the arduous development of “Super Metroid”, its unique film narrative, the way it surprises players, and how it helped spawn the Galactic Castlevania genre.

Join the host Ben Reeves (@Benjamin reeves), Marcus Stewart (@Markus Stewart 7), and special guests, Game informant In the next hour, we will explore the legend, development history and lasting influence of Super Metroid with alumni Joe Juba.

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