Explore Tchia when spring 2022 arrives

At The Game Awards in 2021, we have a new understanding of the upcoming exploration game Tchia. The game is inspired by a small island in the Pacific Ocean, New Caledonia, allowing you to participate in various exploration activities, such as swimming, paragliding, sailing, rock climbing and so on. You can interact with the residents of the island, play music, customize your boat, and even control various animals. That’s right, you can jump in your soul and truly become an animal.

Swim around in impenetrable waters like a fish, unleash its creativity, or dig for something interesting like a dog. Many interesting tools are available to help you complete tasks, including compass, camera and flashlight. You can also unlock a lot of cosmetics for your character. When you breathe in the wonderful ocean air and interact with the fascinating environment, there will definitely be some very cold feelings. You can check the tropical tranquility in the trailer!

What about the release date? The screen of the new trailer shows that the game will be launched on the Epic Games Store on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC in the spring of 2022.