Explore the cheerful island playground in the Lil Gator game

If you like a wholesome experience like A Short Hike, then Lil Gator Game may be for you. This bright and happy title allows you to put on a cute crocodile scale shoes, wear familiar clothes to explore a big island playground, and make friends on the way. It comes from the developers MegaWobble and Playtonic Friends, the latter is the publishing department of the team behind the Yooka-Laylee series.

Lil Gator must be a big fan of Link, with sticks, shields and hats similar to the Nintendo logo. However, he is not trying to save the world in a grand adventure. The stakes in Lil Gator Game are much lower, focusing more on making friends with the weird residents of the island and solving their less serious problems. The crocodile can climb the surface, use his shirt to glide in the air, and make new equipment by collecting art and craft materials. While you can certainly hit cardboard villains with your stick, Lil Gator promotes discovery and puzzle solving, not combat. If you are looking for an interesting cooling pill in the market, take a look at the trailer to see if Lil Gator Game hits the right note.

You must wait until 2022 to embark on this delightful island tour. Lil Gator Game is for PC and Switch.

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