Explore the complete history of Nintendo Metroid | Video Games

Nintendo dominated the video game industry in the 1980s, producing several popular franchises that are still important today. Metroid may not be a huge master like Super Mario Bros. or The Legend of Zelda, but it is still a hallmark of the industry…and for good reason.

In the first season Game informantFor the Video Gameography podcast, we are dealing with Metroid. Metroid, developed by Nintendo R&D1 and produced by Game Boy creator Gunpei Yokoi, has excited fans with its creative platform action method. Although most games provide you with an established path, Metroid will take you into an unforgettable alien world, allowing you to explore freely to discover upgrades and ultimately save the universe from biological warfare.

Join the host Ben Reeves (@Benjamin reeves), Marcus Stewart (@Markus Stewart 7), and special guests, Game informantSenior Editor Dan Tack (@dantack) In the next hour, we will explore the legend, development history and lasting influence of Metroid.

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