Explore the history and legend of Metroid Fusion | Video Games

Season one Game informant Video Gameography Explore the history of the Metroid series. This week we will tackle Samus’s acclaimed Game Boy Advance outing, Metroid Fusion.

Metroid Fusion was launched on November 17, 2002-the same day as Metroid Prime. Developed by Nintendo R&D1, it is starring Samus as she explored a space station occupied by an amoeba parasite called X. Worst of all, Samus was hunted down by an X parasite that imitated her appearance and abilities: SA-X. Metroid Fusion is a return to Super Metroid 2D gameplay, with modern improvements such as faster movement and traversal and ledge grabbing. Fusion is widely praised as one of the best GBA games of all time. Some fans even consider it a competitor to Super Metroid and the best work in the series. In chronological order, Fusion has been the last chapter of the Metroid saga before Metroid Fear in 2021.

Join the host Ben Reeves (@Benjamin reeves), Marcus Stewart (@Markus Stewart 7), and special guests Digital eclipse Editorial Director Chris Kohler@kobunheat) As we explore the legend, development history and lasting influence of Metroid Fusion.

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